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Basketball FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you practice and play games? For the 2021 season, all games are at Carencro Catholic School Gym. Most practices are at Carencro Catholic as well. Other locations may be used for practices if needed.

When is the season? Games are played during January and February. 

What do players wear? 

Games: Players should always wear their team jersey and shorts in the color specified by the coach. They may wear an undershirt if they choose. Coaches will decide if the players need a specific color sock or undershirt. 

Practice: Players may wear any shorts and t-shirt with tennis shoes.

What do players bring to practice? Players should bring their own basketball and water to practice.

What do players bring to games? Player should only bring water (if they choose). They may NOT bring a basketball on game days. Warchiefs will supply game basketballs. 

Are outside food and drink allowed on game days? No, but no worries. Carencro Catholic will have their concession open for you with some yummy choices! 

How much does it cost to enter the gym on game days? There is a $4 entry fee for adults; $1 for students and kids 5 and under enter free. Players and coaches enter for free as well. Coaches must check in. 

Is smoking allowed? No. We want a totally smoke free environment for our athletes! Smoking will not be permitted inside or anywhere near the entrance of the building. This included e-cigs.

Can girls play? Absolutely! When we have enough participants, girls will have their own division. If there are not enough girls for their own division, they are welcome to play with the boys!

What age groups do you have? We begin at 4 years old or Pre-Kindergarten and go up to eighth grade. 

When is registration for next season? Registration for the 2022 season will begin in October of 2021. 

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