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Fall Ball Frequently Asked Questions

Why play with Warchiefs? Our program gives boys and girls an opportunity to play beginning at age 3 using a progressive learning system in a positive environment and allows for growth and development with a balance of fun and competitiveness… and it’s organized!

When do you offer Spring Ball? Games are played during April and the beginning of May with registration beginning in January. 

Who can play? Our program is for boys and girls ages 3-14. It does not matter where you live.

What divisions do you offer? Wee Ball (3/4 year olds); Tee Ball (5/6 year olds); Coach Pitch Baseball & Softball (7/8 year olds); Player Pitch Baseball & Softball (9/10 year olds); Player Pitch Baseball & Softball (11/12 year olds); Player Pitch Baseball & Softball (13/14 year olds)

What are the age guidelines? Wee Ball players should turn 3 by the time the season begins. Tee Ball Players should not turn 7 before 5/1 of the current year. Baseball players should use 5/1 of the current year as a cut off date. Softball players should use their age on December 31 of the previous year to determine which division they should be in.

Can my child play in a different division from their age requirement? Players may play “up” in an older division with approval from administration. An evaluation may be required. Players may not play in a division below their age group.

What divisions are co-ed? Wee Ball & Tee Ball are co-ed.

Can I play with my friends and family? For Spring Ball, while developing the athlete, we also teach healthy competition. In order for teams to be fair, we do have player evaluations and a draft beginning with the coach pitch 7/8 year old division.  Wee Ball and Tee Ball may have request to play with friends and family.

Do you offer a sibling discount? Yes. The sibling discount allows for a discount of $10 per child after the first child.

What does registration include and what should I purchase for uniform? Players will receive a dri fit jersey and visor or cap. Participants are responsible for LIGHT GREY pants, socks, cleats/ tennis shoes, and belt.

What exactly do players need to wear? Games: Wee Ball & Tee Ball players should wear light grey pants, dark green belt, and dark green socks. They will be given a jersey and cap or visor. Coach Pitch and Player Pitch baseball and softball players should wear light grey pants and their coach will assign a belt and sock color to match the jersey and cap or visor given to them. All players can wear cleats, but tennis shoes are acceptable because all games are on turf. METAL CLEATS ARE NOT ALLOWED. Practice: Players should always wear full baseball attire for practice unless the coach gives other instructions. It does not have to be their game jersey and cap or visor.

What equipment do I need? All players need a bat, glove, and helmet. Please remember to label all items!

What do players need to bring to practice and games? Players should bring their glove, helmet, bat, and water to practice.

When are games played? Games are played MONDAY-FRIDAY.

Can I bring food and drink into the park? Outside food or drink are not allowed into Pelican Park. PERSONAL AND TEAM WATER COOLERS ARE ALLOWED. 

How much does it cost to enter the park? There is a $2 entry fee for adults; $1 for students and kids 5 and under enter free. Players and THREE coaches PER TEAM enter for free. Coaches must check in. No one pays an entry fee for practices.

Do they sell alcohol at the park? Pelican Park does sell alcohol on select nights. ALCOHOL IS NOT ALLOWED IN DUGOUTS OR ON THE FIELD. 

Is tobacco allowed at the park? NO! Pelican Park is a tobacco free park and tobacco of any kind is not allowed including e-cigs.

Are sunflower seeds and peanuts allowed at the park? YES!

What size bat does my child need? Most wee ball & tee ball players use a 24′′ & 14 oz. bat. Coach pitch players typically use a 25′′ & 15 oz. or 26′′ & 16 0z. bat depending on their size. Coach pitch players may use 2 1/4′′, 2 5/8′′, or 2 3/4′′ size barrel bat. USA and USSSA bats are allowed. Softball bats must be 2 1/4″ in diameter. The bat should have a USA/ASA or USSSA stamp with a BPF rating of 1.20.

My child plays Wee Ball, when do they practice? Wee Ball players practice right before their game and there is no additional practice day. An hour is the perfect amount of time for practice and a game for the attention spans of most 3 and 4 year olds. The change in pace from the practice to the game helps keeps them engaged and having fun! There is a meet and greet night before the first big night, so the players can meet their coach!

How are teams identified because all jerseys say Warchiefs? Coaches will choose a team name for the season and this name will be used for scheduling purposes. All teams in each division have a different combination of jersey/ ink colors as well.

How can I order spirit wear? Spirit wear orders are available on our web store (click the tab above) and in store at 3545 NORTHWEST EVANGELINE THRUWAY, SUITE H, CARENCRO. 

What age groups do you have for travel ball and how do I tryout? Warchiefs now has a travel ball division, TRIBE Baseball. Check out our Tribe page for more information.

Do you have All Stars? Yes, we do participate in All Stars for Tee Ball and up during the spring season. Additional fees may apply for All Stars.

What do I do if I want to coach? Please indicate your willingness to coach when registering your child online. If you would like to coach and do not have a child players, please contact us! If you have decided to coach after completion of registration, please email us.

What do I do if I would like to umpire? Please contact us to inquire about umpiring opportunities.

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